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Living Russia Tour: Moscow-Saint Petersburg-Nizhny Novgorod


Welcome to visit three Russian key cities

Tour itinerary:

Moscow-Saint Petersburg-Nizhny Novgorod

9 days/8 nights

Flight arrival to Moscow, departure from Moscow

(arrival to St.Petersburg/Nizhny Novgorod also available upon your request)

Day1. Pick-upat theairport of Moscow.

Individual transfer to the hotel, check-in, leisure time.


Day 2. Buffet breakfast in the hotel. Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding. The Capital of Russia car tour around Moscow (4 hrs). Walking tour in the Red Square, the heritage site and symbol of Moscow, including views of St.Basil`s Cathedral, the famous Kremlin tower clock, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, the History Museum building, the country main shopping center GUM, followed by your leisure time. Independent way back to the hotel.

(4 hrs transport, 6 hrs of guide service).

moscow moscow moscow moscow

 Day 3. Buffet breakfast in the hotel. Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding. Excursion to the Kremlin Armory museum, unique in its way, storing the state regalia, ceremonial attire and carriages of the tsars, gold and silver jewelry and weapons, decorative horse trappings and much more. In continuation of the day we offer you a walk inside the Kremlin, the heart of the Russian capital for over nine centuries. The Kremlin territory is a landmark featuring exclusive architecture of the past, the giant Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, ancient cathedrals and churches (4 hrs). Your guided tour will close at the Red Square, from where you may enjoy some leisure time and independently get back to the hotel.

(1 hour transport, 5 hrs of guide service).

Day 4. Buffet breakfast in the hotel. Breakfast box is also available. Check-out from the hotel. Car boarding. Transfer to the railwaystation.  Passage by high-speed rail to the North capital of Russia the city of Saint Petersburg (4 hrs).  

Appointment with your guide upon arrival at the railway station of St.Petersburg at your rail car steps. Transfertothehotel. Check-in.

City tour by car around St.Petersburg (3 hrs).

You will see unforgettable architectural complexes of the Palace Square, the Senate Square, St.Isaac`s Square, the Arts Square, the split of St.Basil`s Island, the Field of Mars, the splendid embankment of the Neva river, magnificent palaces and cathedrals, numerous bridges and a handful of heritage sites. 

Upon the tour completion we provide a transfer to the hotel.

Leisure time.

(4 hrs transport, 4 hrs of guide service).

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Day 5. Continental breakfast at the hotel. Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding. Suburban tour to Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar`s Village). Tourist information along the way. Tsar`s Village is an exceptional heritage site hosting wonderful examples of world architecture and garden art of late XVIII - early XX century. You`ll visit the Catherine’s Palace, a grandiose ensemble of baroque style keeping the atmosphere of the Great Russian Rulers, and see the Amber Room.

Arrival to St.Petersburg is expected by 14.00.

Upon the tour completion we provide a transfer to the hotel.

Your leisure time.

(5 hrs transport, 5 hrs of guide service).

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Day 6. Continental breakfast at the hotel.

Check out before 12.00.  Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding. Transfer to the railway station of St.Petersburg. Luggage check in with the railway station luggage-office.

Car transfer to the Hermitage museum. Excursion along the staterooms of the Hermitage palace that are hosting one of the world`s biggest collections of painting and sculpture (3 hrs). Upon completion you may enjoy some leisure time before your departure to the city of Nizhny Novgorod. Unattended trajet to the railway station.

Evening departure for Nizhny Novgorod

Overnight train journey.

We provide a transfer up to the railway station luggage-office and then to the Hermitage museum.

(1 hr car transfer, guided tour 4,5 hrs).


Day 7.  The train arrival to Nizhny Novgorod at 08.00

Meetup with the car driver at your rail car steps, boarding, transfer to the hotel.

Early check-in and buffet breakfast.

Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding. City tour around Nizhny Novgorod, the long-standing trade capital of the Russian Empire, home to well-known merchants, famous painters and writers (Maxim Gorky, Alexander Pushkin). After the car tour you will take a walk inside Nizhny Kremlin hosting several cultural sites, ancient fortifications and war memorials.

Lunch in the city center followed by leisure time.

Independent way back to the hotel.

(5 hrs transport, 5 hrs guide service).

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Day 8 Buffet breakfast in the hotel, leave your luggage with the hotel luggage-room and check out.

Appointment with your guide at the hotel reception, car boarding.

Departure for a suburban trip to Semyonov and Gorodets.

Semyonov is the manufacturing site for Golden Khohloma famous painting on wood. We offer you tourist information on local arts and crafts in Nizhny Novgorod region, a visit to the Golden Khohloma Tourist Center and a workshop in matrioshka doll painting. We will drop in the Golden Khohloma factory shop and purchase some Khohloma souvenirs of signature line.

Passage to Gorodets, the oldest town of Nizhny Novgorod area.

Lunchtime. Sightseeing tour in the historic downtown (the heritage area, cozy ancient streets, little bridges across the picturesque ravines, age-old merchant mansions). Excursion to the Craftsmen Townlet. Teatime with sweet-smelling gingerbreads of Gorodets.

Upon arrival to Nizhny Novgorod we provide a transfer to Nizhny Novgorod railway station.

Passage to Moscow by high-speed train (4 hrs).

Train arrival to Moscow, individual transfer to the hotel.

Check-in at the hotel.

semenov semenov gorodets gorodets

Day 9. Buffet breakfast in the hotel.

Free time, hotel check-out 12.00.

Individual transfer to the airport, scheduled flight departure.

  • Upon the customer request arrival and departure port may be changed for St.Petersburg or Nizhny Novgorod (Moscow is not the only option). You may opt to reduce or extend the tour program for several more nights, enriching it with optional excursions of your choice (such as tours to Suzdal and Vladimir), request accommodation with 4*  or 5* hotels, with the Kremlin view in Moscow, the Neva river view in St.Petersburg  or in the city center, in Nizhny Novgorod we may offer accommodation a few minutes walk to the main tourist area/pedestrian streets. Otherwise budget hotels are also available. The tour may be supplemented with half board or full board at the restaurants, executive car service, etc.

Tour price per 1 adult for a group of 2 pax:     1129 Euro/person


Inclusive of the following:

-  transfer as per the tour program

-  transport service by car as specified above

-  accommodation in 3* hotels (4 nights in Moscow + 2 nights in St.Petersburg + 2 nights in Nizhny Novgorod, standard rooms)

-  breakfast (7), lunch (2)

-  guide (English)

-  tickets for the Armory and the Kremlin

-  tickets for the Hermitage and the Catherine’s Palace

-  tickets to the museums of Semyonov and Gorodets

-  railway tickets (day coach) Moscow-St.Petersburg (4 hrs)

-  railway tickets (compartment) for the sleeper St.Petersburg – Nizhny Novgorod (8 hrs)

-  railway tickets (day coach) Nizhny Novgorod–Moscow (4 hrs)

-  excursions aslisted above

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